The Portable Test Cell has all the features of the Digital Dash plus additional functionality. This tool to allows you to run an engine without connecting into the OEM system either in a test cell environment or in-vehicle.
Bench top analog load box with approximate dimensions of 20x12x14. Harnesses are custom engineered to fit the user's application.
The WaveMaker is a highly sophisticated arbitrary waveform generator that can handle your most demanding waveform generation tasks, making it one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market.
Custom harnesses for electronic diesel engines, manufacturing equipment, and special purpose applications.
LUIS - Gen 2:
Portable Test Cell:
Universal Load Box (Analog):
WaveMaker III:
Wiring Harnesses:
The LUIS engine simulator facilitates benchtop testing of engine control system hardware and software by simulating sensor inputs to an engine's electronic control module. The system is assembled in a modular format, allowing customers to choose the correct IO combination for their application.
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