Choose from our generic panels or ask us to quote on a design to meet your specific application.
Other electronic devices, such as a J1939 Playback Tool, Throttle Conversion Box, a Wireless I/O or other devices.
The Digital Dash tool is a self contained microprocessor controlled J1939 Datalink monitoring device which allows the user to select from 20 different engine parameters and display up to 4 on the user screen.
The Failure Mode and Effect Testing system allows the shorting of any I/O pin to any other I/O pin, including one of 4 common "Rails". Users can establish rules to prevent unwanted shorting conditions.
The Injector Driver Box will drive 1-3 injectors using current levels defined by the user from the front panel knobs or serial commands. Diagnostics indicate open/short circuit conditions to prevent damage to devices under test and the driving circuits.
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Quickly test and troubleshoot harnesses, engine control modules or sensors by connecting a Breakout Box onto your system.
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