The bench top analog load box, part number G02355-00 with approximate dimensions of 20x12x14 features:

Open and Closed Loop Engine Speed simulation
48 Ratiometric or Resistive A/D outputs
44 Switch outputs
ESS/EPS and 16 additional frequency outputs
Includes 12v and 24v internal VBATT Supply
Compatible with ULB Gen2 wiring harnesses
Key Switch, VBATT fused on front panel
Front panel overlay available for each ECM wiring harness
Harnesses are custom engineered for user applications. GarTech can input the data per users documentation to generate harnesses. The following spreadsheet will automatically create a harness based on user input:
Universal Load Box - Gen 3:
Universal Load Box - Gen 3 Gallery:
Front View
Side View
Back View
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ULB3 Harness Generator R2